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How does fat freezing work​?

  • Lipoglaze applicator is applied on the treated area
  • Lipids in fat start to crystallise as the temperature drops
  • Cells going through apoptosis process
  • Layer of fat reduced
  • End of treatment

Treatment areas: abdomen, buttocks, thighs, flanks, man boobs, back, arms, knees.

Side effects - during the fat freezing procedure you will experience deep pulling and pinching due to very strong Lipoglaze machine suction. Typical side effects after the treatment include tingling, bruising, redness, numbness. All these side effects are temporary.

Is everyone suitable for the treatment? - No, not everyone, there are some contraindications. Please call to discuss any medical conditions.

When can you expect to see results? - Results are not immediate due to the gradual breakdown of fat cells and their slow, safe removal from the body. Results can be seen after just three weeks, but the full benefits are clearly visible after two months. Clients who live a healthy life style can expect to see quicker results.

What happens to the fat cells? - The treated cells start a process of shrinking and changing shape as they die and subsequently are engulfed and digested by the human immune system. The loss in volume of adipose tissue happens gradually and safely over time as the damaged fat cells are being removed from the body. The cleaning process continues for up to six months, but peaks within two to tree after the treatment. The fat layer will be reduced, which will contribute to a significant improvement of body shapes.

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